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We hope you enjoy solving these online interactive crossword puzzles which are made from phrases and words (English and Sanskrit) as used by Srila Prabhupada.

The goal of these puzzles is to expand your English and Sanskrit vocabulary and to come closer to Srila Prabhupada's teachings by using the Vaniquotes web site to find the answer to the clues.

Come back each week as we plan to release a new crossword every weekend.

Have fun and please contact us with your suggestions and comments for improvements to this new Vanipedia project.

Crossword Puzzle Index:

A PDF for each puzzle contains the crossword and solution. Please feel free to publish these as you wish. If you do publish one of these crosswords please remember to let us know so that we may see how they are being appreciated.

NOTE: Do not click on the PDF if you want to solve the crossword online (it contains the solution).

Online Interactive Crossword Printout with Solution  
Crossword_01_15x15 01_PDF  
Crossword_02_15x15 02_PDF  
Crossword_03_15x15 with hidden word 03_PDF  
Crossword_04_21x21 04_PDF  


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